Baking began for Pezzo, with its flagship store at ION Orchard. Within 2 years, 16 beautifully built retail store have followed suit. Within each of these locations, Pezzo Pizza crafters take the utmost pride in tossing, garnishing, and baking their pizzas fresh daily with the finest ingredients on the market for hungry-on-the-go customers. Pezzo was inspired by the fun and happiness at carnivals and funfairs with the goal to replicate that atmosphere for customers at each location. Each pizza is envisioned as a “Character” from the carnival, with fun names such as “Hot Chick” (Chicken pizza) or “Meat Munchers” (Beef pizza), building an empire for the brand that would aid to its growth in the long term.

Why the Pezzo Franchise

  1. Fastest Growing Pizza Franchise in South East Asia
  2. Easy to Operate
  3. Built to Scale
  4. Universally Loved
Facts and Figures