“L’euphởriz” is a reference to the French-Vietnamese restaurant’s origin. l’euphorie (euphoria in French), phở (Vietnamese popular noodle soup) and riz (rice in French). At L’euphởriz, we bring to Singapore’s dining scene the well-kept secret recipes that travelled from Saigon to Paris and have contributed to the success of the famous Parisian Vietnamese restaurant “Dong Huong” for the last 30 years.
Serving only the freshest ingredients with no MSG, l’euphoriz was founded with the intention of bringing good and authentic Vietnamese food into Singapore. It prides itself as a service-oriented establishment whereby staff are trained to educate consumers on how best to consume their orders with the Vietnamese condiments provided.
L’euphoriz is currently seeking passionate and eager franchisees to grow with them to spread the love of great Vietnamese food.

Why the L’euphoriz franchise

  1. Strong and loyal customer base
  2. Easy to Operate
  3. Fresh and high quality ingredients with affordable prices
  4. Universally Loved
Facts and Figures